Last Chance – European Cruise PreSale

European Presale Ends 28 March 2015,
Book and deposit before then to guarantee the 2014 prices.

Dear Ladies, this is just a last minute notice to say that the pre-sale for the European River cruise ends at midnight (so in reality at 5pm when our doors close) on the 28th March 2015, so if you wanted to reserve your space at the 2014 presale prices then it is time to act .. especially when you consider that by depositing today or Friday you get the tour at AU$9,145 per person but from Sunday afterwards the price will start at AU$10,275. So if you wanted to join us on this river departure .. book now and ensure you get it at the best price.

Book now and Save AU$1130 per person
Current Price: AU$9,145 per person
Price as of the 29/3/14: AU$10,275 per person




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