Expressions Of Interest

While we will be posting new tours, weekend breaks, and special offers on a regular basis there are some departures that do require a bit of forward planning. To that end this part of the website will focus on trips we are hoping to run or find interest in that are a little outside the normal 12 month date range. Why look so far ahead you ask? Well the reasons and many and myriad ..

  • Price. For example voyages through Africa and South America are usually extended voyages that usually come with a hefty price tag .. so knowing as far in advance as possible of what might be coming is useful
  • Events. Sometimes its a matter of planning in advance so that we can ensure our space for relative events .. Dawn Service at Gallipoli, prime space for Carnival in Rio, and any other number of high volume events that require we get in early to ensure we have what we need.
  • Enthusiasm. Some destinations on first blush don’t inspire enthusiasm, a good lead time allows us to help build that. On the other hand some destinations will make you overjoyed that we are heading there, and the lead time will allow you to infect others with the same enthusiasm you have for the upcoming departures.
  • Reception. Feedback will also help us determine whether a tour idea is popular enough to run as a set departure. For example while the Democratic People Republic of Korea (the DPRK is commonly referred to as North Korea) is a growing tourist destination, and while the Mass Games are an incredible event the likes of which are not seen anywhere else .. the possibility of more than a couple of people wanting to go is unlikely, though possible

So as you can see from just a few of the reasons above .. long range planning is essential.

Join Us For An Outstanding Experience ..

  1. Shall keep an eye on this page, thanks

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