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Holiday Hours

Feliz Navidad ! Or do we say Kala Christougenna, Nollick Ghennal, Maligayang Pasko, Jwaye Nowel, Vroljik Kerstfeest, Nadelek Lowen ,that is to say …

 Merry Christmas!

The team at the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters and My Travel Expert would like to take a few moments to thank everyone for a fantastic year, and we hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year break and we look forward to helping you all in the new year when you are ready to start booking your next trip!

Holiday Hours


Christmas Is Almost Here, But Don’t Forget To Plan For Next Years!

Christmas and the Festive Season is just about on us .. or if you celebrate like the Dutch who started on December 6 with St Nicholas Day, your month of festivities has already begun!

The thing is, whilst most of us know what we are doing this year, for Christmas, and most probably for January, there are very few who have yet given 2016 a thought. If you are looking to Travel over December 2016 / January 2017 now is the time to start thinking of that time of year, to look into what you want to do and start sounding out possibilities.

For those of us here in Australia Christmas is a time of sweltering heat, bushfires, blowflies, outdoor barbecues, of sun, surf and sand. Few of us have experience a traditional White Christmas or the typical Snow Season of the Northern Hemisphere and all that the season entails.

If you want to experience how the other side of the world sees Christmas, and the tail end of the year there are plenty of opportunities to get out there and explore the Northern Winter next Summer! You could take a tour of the Christmas Markets in a number of European Countries, and all the delectable food, and culture that goes with them. You could take to the slopes and  go Skiing in Japan, Canada or the Swiss Alps. If you are a little more adventuresome you could stay at an Ice Hotel in Romania or Lapland, or even rent out a cabin for the Winter and experience how cold it really gets in Siberia! You could head to the mountains of Japan and enjoy the Hot Baths, visit the North of China and enjoy the Ice Festival at Harbin or take in one of the few North Hemisphere Winter Tours that run in December and January.

As you can see there is an incredible array of Winter Experiences for the traveller to experience, and deciding which is the one you want to do NOW is important! Airfares for next December will start becoming available in Late January, and for January by late February, and for these periods if you know when you want to fly its best to make arrangements early because flights fill with people visiting friends and relatives early in the year – so early bookings are essential to getting the best prices. Early booking will also ensure your space in places that may have limited accommodation or space such as some of the more remote Ski Lodges, Antarctic Cruises, Ice Hotels or Boutique Tours.

So take some time this Festive Season to speak with the loved ones about your plans for the same time in 2016/2017 and if a December or January Escape to the cold north sounds appealing, then drop by to speak with us in the New Year to begin planning your next cool escape.

A Quick Cruise

Sometimes it is nice to head off on a quick break, or to get your first taste of something with a short trip.

To that end we have a pair of cruises on offer for any single travellers looking to try out a new travelling companion, couples looking for a quick break, or if you just enjoy travelling in good company!

So if a short break away sounds appealing just get in touch with us!

2 Cruise Specials