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Launch & Site Navigation

Good Morning! We would like to thank everyone who attended the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters launch events – both the Luncheon, and the evening briefing. We think both went very well, and will be organising a number of social get togethers over the next  few months so that potential travellers can begin to meet potential travellers.

One thing that was asked during our varying talks and topics was “How do we Subscribe to your site / blog so that when new posts and information are added we automatically get notification!”

Well, that friends, is as easy as pie .. all you need to do is to look at our sidebar to the right and scroll until you see ..

(Look for this on the bar to your right to Subscribe - this is an image only)

(Look for this on the bar to your right to Subscribe – this is an image only)

.. then simply enter your email address and hit follow! Once done you will receive email broadcasts whenever we post a new story, special, or product. You will need to check back manually to browse our classifieds area or to see what tours are available (If we do not post a notification), but otherwise you will be notified of everything that happens.

Talking of receiving news if you look down the right hand side you should also see links to get news from us as RSS Feeds, to like us on Facebook,  as well as our contact details and other navigational aides for the website.

Talking of receiving news if you would like to share any tours you see, or any of the pages or any of the posts .. all you need to do is enter the individual page or post by clicking on its heading, scrolling down to the bottom and you should see the following options to share via WordPress, Twitter, Facebook or Google.


These links shown are at the bottom of every post and page

These links shown are at the bottom of every post and page

Otherwise if you have questions at any time, or can’t find what you are seeking online feel free to give us a call or drop us a line by e-mail and we will be glad to assist.

A First Look At Our 2014 Group Departures

Intro Flyer

For our first Introductory programme we will be taking in some fantastic areas and great programmes.  In March we head up to Norfolk Island to explore the local Heritage and Culture, June we head to Inland Australia to Explore Lake Eyre and Uluru, in September we head off to explore Hong Kong and its commercial byways, then finally in November we head of for a cruise around New Zealand. Full details available in our Upcoming Tours section.

Shoalhaven Solo Sisters – Launch Event Deadline Extension

Today is 11 November 2013 –  we are extending our reservation deadline to the 14th November so if you haven’t yet confirmed your space at our Launch Event at the Butterfactory and still wish to attend please give us a call ASAP on (02) 4421 5577

Otherwise if you would really like to attend but getting away at lunchtime is just not possible .. we will be running an evening briefing! So if you would like to join us for an early evening summation of what the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters are about please call us on (02) 4421 5577 so that we can ensure that we have space for you to attend!


A Stand Out Experience


Shoalhaven Solo Sisters is dedicated to providing you with a tour that will always “Stand Out”. Between our staff we have over 130 years of combined experience in the Travel Industry, have travelled and sold product to every corner of the globe and have experience some of the best this world has to offer.

With all our group departures we endeavour to ensure that we bring you a true highlight that will remain with you .. Walking with Lions in Zambia, Experiencing Chitwan by Elephant Back, enjoying a Sunset over the Bosphorus, seeing the remains of King Tut now back in his original tomb, or enjoying a horse-cart ride through the temple-lit byways of Bagan.

In 2014 we have a fantastic array of lead in programmes coming, each with a stand out moment you are sure to remember for years to come. Whilst in Norfolk Island we will head out one night to witness the re-enactment of the infamous Mutiny On The Bounty.  On the voyage through central Australia we ensure you get to see the magnificent sight that is the Sunrise rising over Uluru. Whilst in Hong Kong we ensure that we set out one evening to experience the excitement that is the Races at Happy Valley. Then when we visit New Zealand take a moment to enjoy the majestic  scenes and silence aboard the Sun Princess as we drift into Milford Sound.

So if you are looking to get away for a while in great company, with experienced tour leaders, to destinations across the world with experiences that will last forever .. then keep your eyes on this site as we expand our existing departures, prepare for future departures and let you know if any special that occur.