Finding a travelling companion is not the easiest job out there, after all finding someone with a matching personality and desire is pretty difficult. Finding one who wants to do what you want to do is even harder!

This section of our site is a unique area where we will be posting “want ads”for lack of a better term. If someone contacts us and says “I really want to do India, but want someone to go with”we will get what details we can, and post it here as part of our online “Travel Classifieds”so that other single travellers can take a look and say “Wow, I would love to do India! Let me contact the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters and see whether this person and trip is for me!

So if you would like to see who is seeking what please take a look at the most recent classifieds below the image of Leonie & Julie preparing for a Helicopter ride. If you want to place a “Travel Classified” please head to our contact us page and let us know how we can help!



Canada Trip

Destination: Canada Tour & Cruise
When: 2017 or 2018
Looking for Traveller Status: SEEKING
Single female seeking travel companion for tour of Western Canada covering The Rocky Mountains and the Inside Passage and more!

If any of the above spark your interest, or you would like to have your own request added to the classifieds please contact us!

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