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18 to 40 Somethings and Beyond @ My Travel Expo


Youth Travel, and Adventure Travel, is something that truly needs to be explored further. Everyone likes a drink, a great night out and company around their own age, but sometimes there is more that you want when travelling, you may want an authentic local experience, a real taste of the culture, or just more of a focus on the places you are seeing rather than the places you will be partying.

For those 18 to 30 somethings there is a series of dedicated packages with a number of operators – including the fantastic G-Adventures with their Yolo Packages – that  specifically cater to that age group, only allow travellers in that bracket on the tour, and price their programmes to match.  A few, like G-Adventures, know that the youth traveller enjoys their revelry, but also concentrates on the fact that you are visiting a new destination for the first time and work to include those local experiences that will truly awaken your travel lust and leave you desiring more travel experiences in the future.

The other alternative to joining the more popular “youth” tour programmes, is to look at some of the more popular budget and adventure operators out there – these operators have a fantastic array of programmes covering the globe, with touring options that will cover everything from budget three star to good quality four star, from home stays to trekking. While these tours are open to travellers of all ages, the average age of those touring tends to be 25 to 40 – the perfect bracket for those that may not want the most expensive tour, like the local guides with the knowledge of what to see and do, and the right mix of travel experiences and revelry.


Companies like Geckos, Intrepid, G-Adventures and Peregrine, all have a range of programmes that will inspire, astound and leave you with memories that will inspire you for a lifetime. Whether it is walking the Inca Trail with Geckos, enjoying a homestay in Vietnam with Intrepid, taking a safari to see the Big 5 in Kenya with G-Adventures, or enjoying the coastal towns of Italy with Peregrine Adventures there is an incredible range of programmes and styles of travel for the younger traveller to enjoy.

While all these programmes are developed for the fit 18 to 30 somethings a vast number of them with Geckos, Intrepid, G-Adventures and Peregrine are available to all ages! While some are based on a certain level of fitness these operators don’t work on a maximum age limit – so you may find yourself surrounded by travellers of all generations. Some such as the National Geographic Journeys with G-Adventures, are specifically catered to those a little bit older than the earlier 20’s who are looking to learn a little more with their adventure.

So if you are looking to get away, and you are a young traveller, or even young at heart then now is the time to speak with the Experts simply come and see us at

My Travel Expo.
4pm til 7pm, 22 September 2016,
@ Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemans Club Worrigree.

Call (02) 4421 5577 for more information

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Images Coutesy of G-Adventure, Intrrepid and video by Geckos Adventures.


A Stand Out Experience


Shoalhaven Solo Sisters is dedicated to providing you with a tour that will always “Stand Out”. Between our staff we have over 130 years of combined experience in the Travel Industry, have travelled and sold product to every corner of the globe and have experience some of the best this world has to offer.

With all our group departures we endeavour to ensure that we bring you a true highlight that will remain with you .. Walking with Lions in Zambia, Experiencing Chitwan by Elephant Back, enjoying a Sunset over the Bosphorus, seeing the remains of King Tut now back in his original tomb, or enjoying a horse-cart ride through the temple-lit byways of Bagan.

In 2014 we have a fantastic array of lead in programmes coming, each with a stand out moment you are sure to remember for years to come. Whilst in Norfolk Island we will head out one night to witness the re-enactment of the infamous Mutiny On The Bounty.  On the voyage through central Australia we ensure you get to see the magnificent sight that is the Sunrise rising over Uluru. Whilst in Hong Kong we ensure that we set out one evening to experience the excitement that is the Races at Happy Valley. Then when we visit New Zealand take a moment to enjoy the majestic  scenes and silence aboard the Sun Princess as we drift into Milford Sound.

So if you are looking to get away for a while in great company, with experienced tour leaders, to destinations across the world with experiences that will last forever .. then keep your eyes on this site as we expand our existing departures, prepare for future departures and let you know if any special that occur.