Discovering Egypt with the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters

While the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters has had a fantastic start to things in 2014, and our tour programmes for 2015 are looking great we are already in preparation mode for our 2016 departures and for that .. we will need your help!

If you have ever wanted to travel to Egypt, we are holding a workshop this January, where you can hear where we plan to visit, what we intend to do and to hear what you would like to see and include.

So if you want to Travel To Egypt ..


Maybe though you are not convinced, maybe you think that despite the fact that things ares settling down in the region there isn’t much in Egypt to see or do. Well as someone who has travelled there over half a dozen times, and is always seeing something new let me be the first to tell you that if you wanted to see ALL that Egypt had to offer you would need over 40 days .. and thats being generous!

What can be covered in Egypt inside a two week period is incredible, and even without extending and adding is well worth the time and effort to see .. within a two week period what you would cover are the following basic areas ..

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Cairo – This city while not Egypt’s most attractive is a hub of sights and sounds worth exploring. Its the gateway to the Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara and Dashur, as well as being the location from which someone views the Sphinx, the remains of the ancient City of Memphis, the Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, the Egyptian Museum, the Aberdeen Palace,  Saladin Mosque, Ben Ezra Synagogue and much much more. Cairo is the melting pot of Egypt with the mix of the Ancient world blending with the Ottoman, Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox, English Colonial and others. A fantastic place to get out and get a taste of Egypt.

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Alexandria – This city is often left off many Egypt itineraries which to my reckoning is always a great shame. Alexandria is possibly Egypt’s most metropolitan city with a fantastic Shoreline on the Mediterranean, which the Montazah Palace and Gardens are but a highlight, it is the best place in Egypt to experience the Roman Influence of history in the region, with more being uncovered yearly, and while the Ancient Lighthouse is at the bottom of the sea and the Ancient Library has burned down centuries ago, the new library stands as a reminder for what was there and what they are hoping to re-accomplish. Alexandria also has a fantastic Museum, that is a little more navigable then Cairo, and the walkways, byways and bazaars of Alexandria are well worth a visit. Of interest to Australians Alexandria is also the perfect place to get out and visit the battlefield sites of WW2 including El-Alemein.


Luxor – This City in Middle Egypt is a highlight of almost any trip featuring the temple complexes of the Karnak and Luxor, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon, the Valley of the Kings and of course the start of many eoples Nile Cruises. Luxor boasts fantastic Bazaars, fine dining, great museums and some of the finest Alabaster workings in Egypt. For those wishing to venture a bit afield it is also the perfect gateway to visit the Ruins at Dendra and Abydos.

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The Nile – Most Tours will cruise the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, my personal preference is to sail Upstream between Luxor and Aswan rather than downstream from Aswan to Luxor. A Cruise will take in the Highlights of Edfu and Esna as well as the Temple of Sobek, which if you are heading downstream is lit up at night, providing a magnificent hilltop backdrop as you cruise into Port.


Aswan – Then there is Aswan in the deep South, a fantastic city where old meets new, where one can visit the incredible Aswan Dam, explore the Temple Of Philae, experience Nubian Culture on a ride out past the St Simeon Fortress, encounter the vagaries of the Cataract Islands or spend time enjoying High Tea at the Aswan Hotel where Agatha Christie wrote Death On the Nile.

These are the bare basics of what is covered inside a 11 to 14 day trip to Egypt. Then there are the options of what you can do if you want to extend and see more!


Abu Simbel and Lake Nasser – Admittedly you can do the Massive complex at Abu Simbel as a day trip (and it is something well worth the price in seeing), Alternatively you can choose to explore the lake in depth with a number of cruises regularly sailing between Aswan and Abu Simbel and reverse, offering a uniquely different view of Egypts waterways, the chance to spot Nile Crocodile and the opportunity to see some of the many fantastic monuments that were saved in the relocation process while the damn was being built.

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The Sinai – is the perfect place for those that love Religious History, Diving or National parks with a  range of places from the shores of Sharm El Sheik to the peaks of Mount Sinai to captivate and consume.


The Western Desert and Oases – are an incredible collection of sights and places ranging from the Temple of the Oracle at Siwa, to the Mushroom Desert to the harsh but bountiful Oases at Dhakala, Kharga and Farafra. This is a trip for those who want to explore a bit more of the local culture alongside the Ancient History of Egypt

As you can see even from this brief introduction on the sites and destinations, there is plenty to see and do in Egypt, for 14 days or well beyond!


So if if that has whetted your appetite and you want to learn more about Travel To Egypt ..





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