Your Chance To Have A Say, Monday 20 October 2014

Elephants Family

For those of you who have been considering joining us at our 2015 Tour Launch and our 2016 Tour Preview but have been wondering whether it is worth it then here are 5 reasons to come ..

1. Hear It From The Experts. In addition to hearing from us what is going to be happening we have a couple of our indutry partners coming down to talk about our tour as well as their associated products. So if you were considering a European Tour, A Rhone Cruise or a trip through the USA or Canada this is your chance to get to speak with someone that specialises in those destinations.

2. First Choice of Upcoming Programmes. Some of the 2015 Tours we are running have limited spaces and varying pricing options, by coming along you get the opportunity to have first grab at any specials that are available .

3. Have Your Say. With our 2016 Tour programmes these are in what we call the developmental stage – so this is your chance to tell us what you would like to see included. With our trip to Egypt you may think we need to add Abu Simbel, or you may feel that joining a Gregorian Mass whilst in Rome on our Italy trip is appropriate – then this is your opportunity to let us know.

4. Discover The Future. We realise that many people don’t have a lot of money to drop on a tour that is happening in the next month or two .. by attending our launch you can get a feel for what s coming and prepare, we can even help organise scheduled or regular payments for those wanting to ensure they can get away.

5. Learn What Is Possible. One of the things that irk us is when people say .. Oh I can’t do something because .. I’m to Old, I have trouble walking, I don’t have someone to Travel with,  and any number of other excuses. Sometimes what stops someone from doing something is more in the mind than the body. HHave you, for example, ever wanted to visit Africa but been worried that because you are less mobile it would be hard to get around? consider this .. if you can climb into a 4WD, Jeep or Van than you can get out there and do that Wildlife Tour you always wanted. In almost any situation there is a way we can help you discover the destination you desire.

So why not come and join us? 
Monday 20th October 2014 @ Nowra RSL – RSVP NOW (02) 4421 5577

About Leonie Clay

Travel Expert and Travel Industry Veteran, Co-Owner of Centre Court Travel Pty Ltd

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