Shoalhaven Solo Sisters, Not Just For The Ladies


Although the initial purpose of the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters initiative was to match up single female travelers for groups, these tours and programmes  – indeed the entire initiative, is not just for our single ladies, but for single travellers.  

With the successful launch of the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters programmes and the overwhelming response from the ladies of the Shoalhaven we are extending our Solo Service – to the Gentlemen that have the same concerns.

So if you are a Solo Gentleman (or know a solo Gentleman), either because you are a long term bachelor, recently widowed, or have a partner or spouse who just doesn’t like travel, then the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters is the thing for you!

We have several group departures in the works that the fellas are more than welcome to join, and can as always try and match people up for the individual trip

So if you or someone you know, wishes to join our initiative – and this is a shout out to the guys –  let us know!


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  1. I think its a good idea that gentlemen can join as well. Good on you ladies for helping people who just want to travel but hate doing it alone. I will be keeping an eye out for any trips to scotland.

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