Hong Kong – A Shopping Tour, Not Just for the Ladies


Now, we realise that we have often (and repeatedly) stressed that the main focus of all our trips and tours are for the single ladies who wish to travel but who don’t have anyone to travel with. This is, in essence, totally true. This is not though, wholly whom our market is. All our group departures, Hong Kong, Europe, Canada, Norfolk .. wherever, are built not just for us to match single travellers up, but for couples, or friends who are looking to get away in good company.

Now our upcoming Tour to Hong Kong (labelled as a shopping tour) is indeed focused towards the shopaholic, in part, we have left plenty of free time for shopping, and our day tours to Macau and Shenzen will spend some time taking in the best shopping in those areas. There are though a number of inclusions and things to do for those whom shopping holds no thrall.

Our first major day in Hong Kong after arrival for example we don’t spend shopping, we spend the day taking in the Highlights of Hong Kong, followed by an evening Junk Cruise and a fantastic traditional dinner. Later in the Week we take you our for a night at the Happy Valley Racecourse, and even the trips to Shenzen and Macau take in a number of cultural and historic sites before our “shopping visits”.

Now, whilst many of the travellers may end up visiting the shopping malls and retail centres during the free days, there is plenty for those not interested in shopping to do. There are any number of cultural and historic sights visited not in the day tours, there are Art, Maritime and Heritage Museums, there is always Disneyland for the adventurous, and a number of parks and reserves, Golf Courses, walking trails, scuba diving and more.

Hong Kong is a perfect introductory stop for those who are thinking or a longer tour through China, or for those who are considering a trip to somewhere in Asia but want a smoother introduction than a few weeks in Nepal, India or Cambodia.

Right now we can offer our package at AU$3397 per person share twin, which is a discount of AU$572 from the published rate you will see if you go to the tour page. So if an introduction to the Orient interests you, be you a single looking for someone to travel with, a pair of mates, or a couple looking for an easy going getaway .. then get in touch with us today.


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