Shoalhaven Solo Sisters Social Sojourns

Who are the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters? What are the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters?

Who Are the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters?

In this day and age, Travel is relatively easy, especially with a Travel Agent. Find a destination, book a tour, book a flight, whatever it is you are seeking and away you go.

If you are a couple, or a small group, this is great. For individual travellers though the story becomes a bit harder. Flights and rail is easy enough but prices you have seen everywhere based per person suddenly double for a solo at worst, or an extra third at best.

Shoalhaven Solo Sisters, is a new initiative for Single Female Travellers. Our aim is to match up solo travellers with like-minded partners to travel with and reduce the individual travellers costs.

For example a Cruise that costs AU$2893 per person in a twin share room would generally cost a single traveller twice as much. By matching you up with other single ladies the individual travel cost is significantly reduced, and you find yourself in (hopefully) good company for your travel arrangements!

Under the guiding hand of Travel Industry veterans Leonie Clay and Julie Preston, we will be developing a programme of events and departures which the solo traveller can join, where we can (if desired), match them up with a like-minded Room-mate for the duration of the trip.

To start with we will be offering a limited number of departures throughout 2014, with more on the horizon for the year after.

So if you are a Solo Sister in Shoalhaven seeking a Social Sojourn .. keep an eye on this space.

About Leonie Clay

Travel Expert and Travel Industry Veteran, Co-Owner of Centre Court Travel Pty Ltd

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